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The world is changing. As it does so, Christians seek to express their faith in ways that will keep it at the heartbeat of life. The time has come for us to form living communities – places of prayer, mission and justice – where the shared lives of Christians become living crucibles for the Gospel. All over the world, new forms of intentional Christian communities are arising. Most of them are not or only loosely connected with each other.
A300 network is a growing network of communities that are connected through the New Monastic RoundTable (NMRT).
The ties that connect them are not structural, neither do they have a common leadership; rather, they are based on friendship and a shared desire to explore a newmonastic / intentional way of living together.


New Monasticism is a diverse movem

It is ecumenical (welcomes people of all Christian denominations); stresses hospitality and the sharing of personal wealth; and has a concern for social justice, creation and creativity. Usually, the members adhere to a rule of life and a shared rhythm and live in close proximity to each other, as inspired by the ancient monastic streams.

Our Team.

As founding members of the Manor House Community based in Switzerland, our wish was to support and accompany others in their desire to live in community. In 2017 we founded A300, which after two completed courses gradually became A300 Network.
As a team, we connect the different communities and organize, among other things, the Roundtable.

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