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The advenure of the 300

Our learning journey is open to anyone who is interested in experiencing New Monastic Communities first-hand over a longer period of time. Participants will move to become part of an existing intentional community for a while, living in the space recommended by the community and taking part in their shared rhythm. In most instances, they will need to get a job outside the community to earn their living while they discover the beauty and challenges of communal living.

All the participants will be gathered together in a learning cohort to further explore topics relevant to living in New Monastic Communities. This is based on a curriculum providing both theoretical and practical training, aimed at helping the participants unlock the spiritual heritage of Monasticism in their lifes and possibly founding new communities. From time to time, we organize virtual teaching sessions which are open to the cohort and to others. However, this is not a full-time course.

It is designed to train participants alongside their commitments to work and the communities they are living in.

Details will follow soon.

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